Apple Macintosh computer fanatics can now get their hands on an unofficial iPhone 7 Plus inspired by the vintage Apple computer. The limited edition smartphone is developed by Minnesota-based gadget company .

The retro iPhone however comes with a hefty price; it is priced at a whopping $1,899 and will take at least two weeks to ship. ColorWave believes “If you love the vintage look of the original 1980’s Mac then why not have it on your phone!”

“The iPhone 7 Plus Retro is available for a limited time only with the first 25 having a number of authenticity.”

The company revealed more information to the Apple news website MacRumours:

“The product goes through a labour intensive process of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting and inspection.

Then, the product is buffed and reassembled,” they explained.

“The product goes through final inspection and is packaged into the original packaging.”