OnePlus started off quietly but soon progressed to become one of the most prominent brands in the Android arena. One thing that is impressive is the global recognition achieved by the company in a span of just three years. We say it impressive given the competition that exists in the Android space right now.

While it all started with the invite system, gradually things kicked off and OnePlus has grown considerably moving away from the invite system and developing its own software. The brand made OnePlus 3 available to all moving from the embryonic startup phase and progressing as a full-fledged brand.

After the launch of OnePlus 3, the company came up with a slightly upgraded variant – OnePlus 3T in the same year. Now, it is time for the next iteration. Here, we have detailed a few things we know about the next one – OnePlus 5, which has been making rounds all over the internet lately.

Expect to see a dual-curved edge display

When the curved display was announced with the original Galaxy Note Edge in 2014, it was believed to a fad soon. But the technology has taken some amount of time to make itself appealing. Now, in 2017, it looks like Samsung isn’t the only one with devices featuring dual-curved edge displays. We say so as the alleged OnePlus 5 is speculated to arrive featuring a dual-curved edge display similar to the one seen on the Galaxy S7 edge.

Why no OnePlus 4?

The upcoming OnePlus flagship might not be called OnePlus 4 for a known reason. OnePlus might leapfrog to the number five leaving behind four due to Tetraphobia. In China, the number four is considered a sign of bad luck. Now, things fall in place, right?

5.5 inches display with the latest 3D streaming video technology

OnePlus 5 is likely to boast a 5.5-inch QHD 1440p AMOLED panel. Also, the display is said to arrive with the 3D streaming video tech. In the past one year, the Android phones’ display technology was subjected to a great development, thanks to the Samsung AMOLED tech that is getting better and better. Eventually, the logic why OnePlus devices are getting bigger by the year is clear. Android fans look for bigger displays with better resolution and technologies. And, it is up to the brands to grow as per the preferences of the users to keep prospering.

To have dual-lens camera; retina eye scanner as well

Dual-lens camera setup dominated the high-end smartphone market in 2016 and continues to do even now. The OnePlus 5 is all set to arrive with a 25MP snapper and a 12MP secondary lens at its rear for the amazing focus. The Galaxy Note 7 with iris scanner was a flop due to other reasons. OnePlus seems to be in plans to replenish the space with a retina scanner.

You might get 256GB storage

OnePlus 3 came with 64GB storage capacity that is more than enough, but there is no option to expand the same. With the OnePlus 5, you can expect to get 128GB storage as in OnePlus 3T along with an option to expand to same up to another 128GB. This is way too much for any user.

Ultimately there’s a cost to everything

So far, so good! OnePlus 5 may arrive with all the bells and whistles, but there’s definitely a price that you will have to pay for this. OnePlus is known for its competitively priced offerings, and all we can do is just hope for the same to happen this time too.